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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some responses to questions I usually get asked, I hope you find the answer you are looking for, if not, feel free to write to me

Do you screen print on T-shirts?
No, I am not a screen printer, I only create the artwork that goes on it.

Once I pay, does the design belong to me?
Yes, once final payment is sent, all rights to the design belong to you.

How can I pay for a design?
I accept PayPal, the fastest method.

Once I agree to a quote, what happens?
I work on a first come, first serve basis, so once I receive prepayment, you would get on my list.

How much is prepayment?
I ask for half of quote as a prepayment to get on my list before any work is started.

Why do you ask for a prepayment?
This provides commitment on both parties to the project, a form of protection for me.

What info do you need to get started?
I need to know the subject matter (what it's about) and the style (cartoon, realistic, vintage)

If I want more than one design do I get a better price?
Yes, if you want more than one design I could give you a deal, but you would have to send prepayment for all the designs in one shot.

How long does it take for you to send a completed artwork?
It all depends on how busy I am, I'm usually pretty fast.

Are the designs you create original?
Yes, all designs are original, no clip art.

Can I see a sketch first?
Yes, if the design requires a sketch like an illustration or cartoon, I will send a pencil sketch for approval before moving onto final art.

Can I make changes to a design?
All changes must be made at the sketch stage. Making changes to final art is always difficult and time consuming. If it is a minor change or font change, it should be no problem.

Will you ever ask for more money?
No, once final payment is sent, the design belongs to you. You could print as many t-shirts as you like.

Are the designs ready for screen printing?
All t-shirt designs are created for screen printing, they will be vector art created in Adobe Illustrator. I could send a separation file if you need one.

What is a separation file?
A separation file is the artwork brought up to actual size with title, color names and registration marks added.

What happens with a separation file?
A separation file can be outputted from adobe Illustrator on vellum paper using a postscript black and white printer. These vellum papers are given to a screen printer.

Can I send you a sketch for an idea I have?
Yes, you could send a sketch for an idea you have, I will do my best to deliver the design you are looking for.

Do you do Photoshop airbrush designs?
I could do it, but it is very time consuming and I can not guarantee the screen printing result, so prefer not to do it at the moment.

What kind of file do you send?
I send a jpeg for approval, once approved and final payment is sent, I will be sending an Adobe Illustrator file.

If I don't like the artwork can I get my money back?
This rarely happens to me, I will refund your money at the sketch stage, once final art is sent it is a little more difficult since I put the time in to create the design. I usually have satisfied customers, so don't worry.

Do you have any completed T-shirt designs for sale?
Yes, please checkout the SHOP page.

Can I talk to you on the telephone?
Yes, call me at the phone number on the contact page or below, I usually answer, I'm on Eastern Standard time in North America.

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