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Eddie Shahini

Illustratica is Eddie Shahini. I am a freelance graphic artist and T-shirt designer. My education and many years of experience in the commercial art and fashion field has led me to acquire skills to create T-shirt designs in a wide array of styles, from simple graphics, cartoons, highly detailed illustrations to the current trend styles.


I guarantee the highest quality work at very competitive prices. Please review my portfolio . I hope you will clearly see that I should be at the top of the list for a possible candidate for your project.

• Dawson College - Illustration & Design
• Concordia University - Bachelour of Fine Arts - Major in Design Art

Computer Software:
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Illustratica has a strong presence on the internet and I'm determined to be at the forefront of T-shirt design by keeping up my skills to create today's sought after designs.


2005 - Present

Illustratica was created in 2005. I have been working full time in the apparel industry for many years in some of the industries leading companies. I have done souvenir design and worked with some of the top licenses, from Disney to to the NBA. After building the business and growing my client list I went to part time work and doing freelance. Then 9 years ago I went full time doing freelance.

I have created many designs over the years for various companies and individuals. I like developing T-shirt lines from scratch for individuals and working for established companies.


Please review my portfolio and contact me for a free quote, look forward to hearing from you.


1986 - Present


I have a passion for creating art, my other passion is music. I have been in a few bands growing and was fortunate enough to get signed to Combat Records in the 1980's. I'm the guitarist for DBC (Dead Brain Cells) we recorded 2 albums, toured the US and had loads of fun.

DBC released a self titled album 'Dead Brain Cells' in 1987 and 'Universe' in 1989. We had our own special way of playing thrash & technical metal. We had our video 'The Genesis Explosion' played many times on Musique Plus and later that track was featured for a Fido commercial across Canada.

Currently I still play music with DBC and Kill of Rights. Kill of Rights released our debut CD 'Sign of the Crimes' in 2014. It consists of some great local musicians and music that was written from 1986 to 2014. You can search for both bands on Youtube. There's a lot to listen and watch.

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