Freelance T-shirt Design Artist


Have you ever had the dream of starting your own T-Shirt line? Any hobby or idea can be made into a T-shirt line.

If you have an established apparel company or T-Shirt line, I can help! My many years of experience will deliver great designs at a preferred rate and quick turn around. Please check out my portfolio.




"A T-shirt design can change the world."

I can achieve many different styles of T-Shirt designs, from cartoon to detailed illustrations.

Welcome to Illustratica


I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic artist specializing in T-shirt design artwork.


My many years in the fashion industry as a graphic T-shirt design artist has given me the experience and the know how to create T-shirt designs in a wide array of styles, from cartoons to photo realism. My keen sense and pulse on fashion trends make me a great candidate for you to consider for your projects.

This isn't one of those sites that uses templates for creating T-shirt designs, I use your ideas to create original designs from scratch. Illustratica is your one stop shopping site for getting your project off the ground. I create designs from individuals who have the dream of starting a T-Shirt line to well established companies.

• Send your concepts - Explain the best you can what you want, examples are welcomed.
• I can create concepts for you - Brainstorming is my specialty, a phone call can be arranged.
• Sketches can be sent - Prior to starting the final art, sketches can be for a cartoon or illustration.
• Better price for several designs - I give an overall better price if you need more than one design.

All you have to do is find blank T-shirts and a screen printer or sell them on sites like Cafepress, Spreadshirt, or Zazzle. Once you send final payment, the design belongs to you, I never ask for an additional payment.


Examples of Styles

Illustration: Hand drawn vector art with color

Illustration: Vector art, clean, graphic and simple.

Illustration: Hand drawn tonal sketchy style.

Cartoon: Hand drawn vector cartoons with color.


T-Shirt Design Portfolio

Please watch this video on Youtube of my portfolio to give you an idea of what I can create for you. I also wrote the music, 'Echoes From Within' off of 'Sign of the Crimes' CD by Kill of Rights. Watch your Volume.

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